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Apartment WP is a modern and creative Real Estate WordPress theme. Beautifully crafted on the one hand and technically advanced (but yet simple to customize) on the other hand.

As a experienced developer who works with real estate industry since 2003, I decided to create a Theme that truly stands out of the crowd and present estates in the most efficient way. Top notch industry options like advanced Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, Street View and panoramas with stunning visual effects will help you to outdistance your competitors whether you are agency, estate portal, single agent or a private estate owner.

Add to this: easy customization, many layout and color variants, detailed documentation and best support, and you receive the Theme you should have :-)


Disclaimer: I offer limited support for my themes. I only provide support for theme's core features. I cannot guarantee that this theme will work properly with all third-party plugins and server environments. If you plan on adding numerous plugins to this theme then please note, I cannot facilitate support for any conflicts that might arise with this theme's default functionality. I take no responsibility or liability for any damages or loss caused by using this theme, but I make my best to fix all errors that can occur.


Note: Documentation may seem big and complex but if you import demo content most of the steps described below will be already done for you. You will just have to adjust options to your needs. Everything is described step by step and you don't need any technical knowledge or WordPress experience.


Note: I'm offering express installation and configuration service for this theme. Check Chapter 25 for details.

To run this theme you must have a WordPress platform already installed on your server. You can download latest version of WordPress on it's official website. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please read the WordPress Codex - http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress.

If you're looking for good WordPress hosting, I can recommend you SiteGround. I use their servers to host demos of my themes and I'm satisfied with the quality, performance and quick support. Even the StartUp plan is very fast. They can migrate your website for free and you have money back guarantee.

Note: Theme is compatible with WordPress 4.5 and above.

2.1 Installing theme

Extract the zipped package downloaded from ThemeForest (All files & documentation), in the extracted folder you will find apartment-wp.zip file which is the WordPress theme. You can also download only theme files (Installable WordPress file only):


You can install the theme using WP admin panel or FTP software


2.2 Installing using WP admin panel

In WP Dashboard navigate to "Appearance -> Install Themes -> Upload" page. Select "apartment-wp.zip" file. Press the "Install Now" button to upload and install the theme. Bellow are step by step screenshots:



After uploading the theme, you have to activate it. Navigate to Appearance -> Themes page to activate the theme.


2.3 Installing using FTP software (alternative)

Unzip apartment-wp.zip file. Upload theme folder (apartment-wp) to /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.

You can use your web hosting file manager or some FTP software like FileZilla.

After uploading the theme, you have to activate it. Navigate to Appearance -> Themes page to activate the theme.



Theme comes with a few plugins to extend its functionality:

After activating the Apartment WP theme you will see info box about installing those plugins. Click "Begin Installing plugins":


Next activate plugins:


You also need to set up Post Views Counter plugin:


Theme comes with 8 demo contents, to help you painless start customizing the page. You can use built in One Click Demo Importer. It will import all data including posts & pages, widgets, menus, theme options and revolution sliders.

First install the theme and activaye all required plugins. Make sure that One Click Demo Importer is also active.

Then set up the permalinks:


Go to Appearance -> Import Demo Data and choose the demo you want:


Click on the import button and wait. Importing can take few minutes so don't navigate away form the import page until you receive success confirmation.

Note: If the import fails (you will see memory error or a blank page) you can try to repeat the process few times. You can also import content wihtout downloading attachments.

To update the theme install Envato Toolkit Plugin. Here is a tutorial how to use this plugin to update your theme: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-update-themeforest-themes-with-the-envato-wordpress-toolkit/.

You can also use FTP method and replace files located in the "wp-content/themes/apartment-wp" folder.


















By default the homepage will show up your latest blog posts. If you want to show up a custom homepage (like in demo), you must create two new pages (Pages -> Add New) - one for homepage, second for blog page. For example you can create one page called „Homepage” and one called „Blog” (Note: you can choose other names, it's just an example). Pages can be empty for now.

Page used as a homepage must use Homepage template:


Note: If you imported demo data, those pages are already created.

Then go to "Settings -> Reading", check  A static page and choose correct pages in select boxes as in screenshot:


You can choose custom header for almost each page. You can set default header in Theme Options and on every page in Page Options.

6.1 Default Header

In theme options you can choose default header. Navigate to Apartment WP Options -> Appearance:


Each option has additional fields to specify data.

6.2 Page Specific Header

In almost every page you can choose page specific header. This setting will overwrite default header for this page:


Note: You can't choose headers in some pages like "property details", "properties list", "my account" or "contact".

6.3 Offers Slider Header

You can show selected offers as a slider. You can choose offers source: featured, added to slider or custom (you need to add comma separated offer IDs). You can also choose one of two slider layouts:

Layout 1


Layout 2




6.4 Revolution Slider Header

Revolution Slider plugin have to be installed. You can add a Revolution Slider to header. You can create your own or choose and adapt one of the big sliders collection.

To read more about Revolution Slider check plugin homepage



You can find Revolution Slider alias in "Slider Settings":


6.5 Static Image Header

You can add static image header with two lines slogan:



6.6 Offers Map Header

You can add map with pins in the header. You can choose to show all offers or only chosen (by adding comma separated IDs):




6.7 Street View Header

You can add Street View in the header. You can choose if Panorama should auto-rotate and specify slogan.


You can define Panorama by adding latitude & longitude or by adding PanoID (that's Goggle ID of panorama):

Apartment WP is equipped with Homepage Builder. When you turn it on you can chose page sections you want to attach. If you left it "off" regular "Homepage" page content will be displayed.

To choose Homepage block drag them from "disabled" section to "enabled". You can also change blocks order with drag & drop.

Once you choose Homepage blocks you have to configure them. You can add titles, background and other options. Check screenshot below:


Here are the block you can add to homepage:

Features version 1

Features version 2

Featured offers (3 columns grid)


Properties (grid, carousel or masonry)






Testimonials (2 layouts)


Posts (3 layouts)






Counting Numbers






Page Content (displays content of the selected page as one of the blocks)
You can add two page blocks.


Note: If you add block background image and choose "background attachment: Fixed", parallax effect will be automatically added to this background.







Theme has many "Theme options" that allows you to customize the page. Many of the options are required, so make sure you check all of them. You can access options from dashboard or from live customizer.





Most of the options are obvious but below I will explain a few:

Add dot:

This option adds a dot in theme color at the end of titles and headers. Here is an example:

Footer type:

You can choose Small or Big footer. You can add widgtes only to the big footer. They are divided in the four columns:


Small footer looks like this:

Big footer looks like this:


Map Settings:

You can find them under "Apartment WP Options -> Maps"

Theme allows you to choose you maps provider: Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps. Since July 16, 2018 Google Maps has new pricing, that can affect even small websites. OpenStreetMap is an open source and free platform that is almost as powerful as Google Maps. Limitations are: lack of Satellite View and Street View.

If you choose Google Maps, you have following options:

If you use OpenStreetMap you can also edit its style:

Other options:

Note: Google Maps will be used for Street View, IDX map and location map on "Add Property" page in WP Dashboard even if you choose OpenStreetMap as your map provider.


Apartment WP allows you to add widgets to sidebars and footer (if you set "Footer Type" to "Big"). Theme supports all default widgets and introduces few own. All dsIDXpress Plugin widgets are also supported.


10.1 Sidebars

You can add a sidebar to almost every page (except Homepage, Contact ver 1, Contact ver 2, and My account pages) and you can set its location (left or right).

To do it globally got to "Apartment WP Options -> General" and choose sidebar location (or disable it) for every page type:

You can overwrite those global settings in every page, by specify sidebar position in "Sidebar Options" in Page Options (below text editor):


By default pages show "Default Sidebar" but on "Sidebar Options" you can force it to show one of the custom sidebars (Custom Sidebar1, Custom Sidebar 2). You can add different set of widgets to this custom sidebars to create page specific side panel.


10.2 Widgets

Theme comes with few custom widgets.


All widgets look great both in the sidebar and in the footer. They are described below:


Contact Info Widget

Displays Page Info ("Settings -> General -> Tagline") and contact details ("Apartment WP Options -> General").


Property Search Widget

Allows to add search form. You can specify form fields to adjust it to your needs.


Featured Properties Widget

Displays properties. You can specify properties source: featured, new or custom (add comma separated IDs) and number of offers to show.


Favourites Properties Widget

Displays properties that user added to "Favourites". You can specify number of offers to show.

Popular Posts Widget

Display posts with thumbnails. You can specify source: popular or custom (add comma separated IDs) and number of offers to show. You can also decide to show or hide the post date.


Paartment WP comes with the Custom Post Type do diplay properties. You can add properties from WP Dashboard or from front page account.


11.1 WP Dashboard Submissions

To add  property via WP Dashboard navigate to "Properties -> Add New Property" and fill all required fields:


Properties have some additional options called custom taxonomies:


11.2 Front Page Submissions

Before you enable front page submissions make sure you added custom taxonomies:

Check previous point for details.

To add property click "submit property" button. You will see this page:

Fill all required fields and click "Submit property".

By default all submitted properties are disabled. It allows you to have saved properties you don't want to show public at this moment. To activate offer (and add as featured or to homepage slider) check required boxes and click button with floppy disc icon:


Note: Offers can be "Pending Approval" by the admin if it was switched on in Theme Options. You can find more details in chapter 19.


11.3 Displaying Properties

To display agencies you need to create a new page ("Pages -> Add New") with "Properties" Template:

Then when you navigate to this page, all properties will be displayed.

You also need to add this page as a "search results" page. Go to "Apartment WP Options -> Search Settings  -> page for Search Results" and choose this page:

Apartment WP comes with "Agent" customs post type. You can add agents from WP Dashboard or they can register via front page form (see chapter 18 for details).


12.1 Creating Agent

To add agent via WP Dashboard navigate to "Agents -> Add New Agent" and fill all required fields


12.2 Enabling Front Page Agents Account

To allow agents to log in to their front page Account you need to:

  1. turn on "Apartment WP Options -> Login -> Enable Front End Login"
  2. create a WP user with role "Subscriber"
  3. edit this user and set: "User role -> Agent"
  4. assign this user to the agent (check screenshot above)


12.3 Displaying Agents

To display agents you need to create a new page ("Pages -> Add New") with "Agents" Template:

Then when you navigate to this page, agents list will be displayed.


12.4 Assign Agent to the Agency

You can assign agent to the agency. if you do so, on agency page you will see "our agents" section:

To assign agent choose parent agency in Agent options (located in Page Options in the Add/Edit Agent page):

Apartment WP comes with "Agency" customs post type. You can add agencies from WP Dashboard or they can register via front page form (see chapter 18 for details).


13.1 Creating Agency

To add agent via WP Dashboard navigate to "Agencies -> Add New Agency" and fill all required fields


13.2 Enabling Front Page Agency Account

  1. turn on "Apartment WP Options -> Login -> Enable Front End Login"
  2. create a WP user with role "Subscriber"
  3. edit this user and set: "User role -> Agency"
  4. assign this user to the agency (check screenshot above)


13.3 Displaying Agencies

To display agencies you need to create a new page ("Pages -> Add New") with "Agencies" Template:

Then when you navigate to this page, agencies list will be displayed.

Apartment WP comes with "Testimonials" customs post type.


14.1 Creating Testimonial

To add testimonial via WP Dashboard navigate to "Testimonials -> Add New Testimonial" and fill all required fields


14.2 Displaying Testimonials

You can display testimonials as a homepage block (Chapter 7) or as a shortcode (Chapter 21).

Another custom post type you can use in Apartment WP "Partners". It allows you to show carousel of logos (partners, clients etc). each logo can be a link to your partner website.


15.1 Creating Partner

To add partner via WP Dashboard navigate to "Partners -> Add New Partner" and fill all required fields


15.2 Displaying Partners

You can display partners as a homepage block (Chapter 7) or as a shortcode (Chapter 21).

You can create "Packages" customs post types with Apartment WP. They will be used id you decided to charge for offers based on billing plans.


16.1 Creating Package

To add package via WP Dashboard navigate to "Packages -> Add New Package" and fill all required fields


16.2 Displaying Packages

To display packages you need to create a new page ("Pages -> Add New") with "Packages" Template:

Then when you navigate to this page, packages list will be displayed.

Visitors can save offers they like as Favourites. To do so they need to click on a heart icon on the offer:

User can view favourites by clicking heart icon in the top bar (image below). You can also add "Favourites Properties Widget" to sidebar or footer.

To configure this option you need:

1. Create a new page ("Pages -> Add New") with "Favourites" Template:

2. Go to "Apartment WP Options -> Properties" and choose that created page in "Page for Favourite Offers" select:

For registered users favourites offers are stored in the account data, for guest theme uses cookies to save it.

18.1 Enabling Front Page Login

You can allow users to register on your page. Registered user can add his own listings and manage his profile.

You can decide to turn on or off front page login and registration. For example you can create accounts by yourself in WP Dashboard and only let users to log in. It can be useful if you have Agency and want to add an access to your agents.

To edit those settings go to "Apartment WP Options -> Login":

To allow users to register you need to turn on registration in "Settings -> General"



By default user can choose one of the three account types: Owner/Reader, Agency & Agent. You can decide to turn off some of them:


If you add users manually in WP Dashboard you need to assign them correct role:


You can also add content to "Welcome" mails separate for every account type ("Apartment WP Options -> Login").

Last thing you have to do is to add an account page:

1. Create a new page ("Pages -> Add New") with "My Account" Template:


2. In "Apartment WP Options -> Login -> Page for Account" choose this created page:


18.2 Front Page Account

If you turn on front page login and/or register you will see My Account icon in the top bar:



After first time login user will have to choose account type: Owner/Reader, Agency or Agent (if they are turned on):


After choosing account type user will have access to his account where he can edit profile, add and edit his offers (for free or paid - based on paid options):


Note: All not "admin" WP Users will be redirected to the front page account instead of WP Dashboard

The heart of every real estate website is the search engine. Apartment WP has the most advanced and flexible solution on the market. Below you will find detailed instruction how to adjust it to your needs.

You can find all search settings under "Apartment WP Options -> Search Settings". You can choose main search type there:



Simple search allows you only to choose transaction type and location. Location input uses Ajax to suggest location during typing.


You have two advanced search options. You can have the same form for every property type or you can create separate forms for every top level property type.

You choose search fields by dragging them from "disabled" to "enabled" section. You can also change fields order. Keep in mind that there are four fields in one row.

Here's a screenshot for "one form for all" option:

And here's for different forms for every top level property type (you will have to choose search fields for every type):



This form works only when dsIDXpress plugin is installed. It searches in MLS database instead of properties added in WP Dashboard.



You add a search widget go to "Appearance -> Widgets". You can choose what search fields you want to add to the searchbox:


Apartment WP Theme extends your editor with many amazing shortcodes. You can add them with easy selector:


Some shortcodes have additional dialog box where you can add some data and choose options:


Here are available shortcodes:


Check all shortcodes in action HERE


Apartment WP allows you to monetize your page and charge users for listings. You can charge for single listing or you can create and sell packages.

To turn on paid listings go to to "Apartment WP Options -> Submissions". Fill all fields under this section:


21.1 Per Listing Payment

When you choose "per listing" option additional fields will appear:

You can turn on automatic PayPal payments. To do so:

  1. set "Enable PayPal" to "yes" in "Apartment WP Options -> Submissions"
  2. Login to create a PayPal Application at this URL https://developer.paypal.com/developer/applications.
  3. Create new  Rest API App and copy the Client ID and Secret Key provided in Admin - Theme Options - Membership Settings.
  4. Copy the Client ID and Secret Key and paste them in the appropriate fields in "Apartment WP Options -> Submissions".


Now registered user will see the option to activate offer and add it to features or homepage slider with prices. Clicking on "floppy" icon will send him directly to PayPal payment page.

After successful payment a new "Order" post will be added automatically:


If you view it, you will be able to see all order details - property ID, price, date and username:


If you don't want to use PayPal and process payment by your own, you can still use this system. All you need to do is to add a new order with all required data ("PayPal additional info" should be omitted). When you save an order corresponding Property will be updated automatically.


21.2 Package Payment

Instead of charging users per listing you can create Packages and specify number of offers, price etc. in every Package. First choose "Package" in "Apartment WP Options -> Submissions -> Submission Type" and fill free package option details. Every new user will have free package at the beginning. It may contains some free offers limits if you want:


Next add some Packages - see Chapter 16.

Now users will have option to choose Package:

When user ask for Package changing, you will be notified by email. You can contact user and finalize payment on your own. After that if you want to change package for the user you will have to add new "Order" post type (or edit if order for this user is already created):


21.3 Cron Functions

Theme uses Cron functions to perform automatic actions. It periodically checks for expired offers and packages and sends notification to users and admin. It also change status of expired offers to inactive so you don't need to do it by yourself.

This theme is compatible with dsIDXpress Plugin. Please note that this plugin is free only for demo purposes. If you want to use it please buy license on Plugin Page.

Note: I'm not connected in any way with plugin authors. With all plugin related issued you need to contact Diverse Solutions.

To install & configure plugin:

  1. Register your account on Plugin Page and get activation key
  2. Install dsIDXpress Plugin
  3. Follow screenshot below to configure the plugin:


Except those required settings you can set all other options to suit your needs.

Additional related plugin settings you can find under "Apartment WP Options -> IDX".

You can also set "Search" to "dsIDXpress search" in "Apartment WP Options -> Search Settings":


Result will look like this:


Theme supports all dsIDXpress Plugin shortcodes and widgets. You can preview the HERE

Apartment WP is "translation ready". it means that you can translate it to any language by editing language files.

language files are located:

Read more about translating theme: here.

Here is what you need to know on turning Apartment WP multilingual with WPML.

First, you need to to purchase a recent version of WPML, including the WMPL String Translation and WMPL Media modules.

26.1 Initial Setup

– Install and activate the core WPML plugins (WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Media), and then other WPML plugins that may depend on them.

– Set up WPML from "WPML->Languages". See WPML Getting Started Guide for complete reference, but the initial simple three-step setup is self-explanatory, asking you to choose your default language, a set of active languages, and a language selector.

26.2 Translating Pages, Posts and other post types

To translate a page you need to go to "WP Dasboard – Pages" and in the list you will see columns for each active language, with a pencil icon (for ‘edit translation’) or a ‘+’ icon (for ‘add translation’) next to each page. Do the same for Posts and Custom Post Types (Properties, Agents, etc.).

Right now you just need to translate your page into the new language.

Read this to easily duplicate your existing content.

26.3 Translating custom taxonomies

Go to "WPML -> Taxonomy Translation". You can find all taxonomies there. You can add a translation to each value clicking on the pencil icon (for ‘edit translation’) or a ‘+’ icon (for ‘add translation’).

26.4 Translating Menus and Language Switcher in Header

WPML can synchronize menus for you. This means that if some entries, for example some pages, posts or categories, are in the English menu, WPML can generate and keep in synch menus for other languages pointing to the translated versions of these pages, posts or categories.

From WordPress "Appearance->Menus" you can see your existing menus and add menu translations and synchronize menus across translations.

26.5 Translating Apartment WP Options

When adding or editing "Apartment WP Options" make sure, that you chose "All languages" from the top menu language switcher. All inserted data will be dafault for all languages:

Go to "WPML -> String Translation" and from the dropdown on the top of the page (Select strings within domain) choose "admin_texts_apartment_options"
Translate all strings you find there. Make sure, you check "Translation is complete" checkbox. Every time you change Apartment WP Options, go back here and check if translation is correct.

Here are links to the resources I've used:

I'm offering installation service for this theme. Installation includes:

Cost of this packages is $50.

Please note that some hosting providers (particularly those who offer WordPress-specific hosting plans) do not allow some of these plugins to be installed, as they may already handle concerns like caching or security at a server level. You should check to see if your hosting provider has a WordPress plugin blacklist before placing your order.

Customization of this theme is also available and it's based on my hourly rate – 30$/hour.

Send me an e-mail if you are interested.




Once again thank you for purchasing my Theme. Enjoy!

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